The highwayman murderer

Class 11 were trying to find out who killed the highwayman in the court of England. Some children were suspects,lawyers,the jury,eye witnesses and one child was the judge. After some teeth-crunching questions we found out that Tim the Ostler committed this crime and he  was maliciously executed!


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Didsbury Mosque – What is it like for a Muslim in the UK?

What amazing hospitality was shown to us this week at Disbury Mosque!

As part of our R.E. Learning Challenge, ‘ What is it like for Muslims in the UK?’, we were able to visit one of the biggest mosques in Manchester.

Here we were given a slideshow presentation that helped to explain what the religion was about, followed by a tour of the mosque rooms. They showered us with gifts for school, to help us with resources on our topic and offered all the children refreshments – biscuits and a drink – at the end of our visit.

The children were permitted to look at and handle the books and artefacts and the Iman even let us hear the call to prayer!

A very educational and welcoming visit – thanks to all involved in this organisation.

A special thanks to the children who read some of the prayers in Arabic and demonstrated how Muslims pray for our class! All the children were able to answer key questions about the mosques and the religion.

We are also hoping to organise a visit to St Ann’s Roman Catholic Church, just down the road, next half term.

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Anglo Saxon Raider in School!!

On Friday, we were all shocked to find a strange gentleman from a bygone era wandering around our classrooms! On further investigation, it appears he had arrived from Angle Saxon Britain, over 1,500 years ago!

He was very friendly, compared to those we had heard of, and was extremely helpful in explaining what it was like for a warrior in the Dark Ages…some children were even able to handle some of his equipment including a precious sword and long axe that literally floored most who tried to hold it aloft. I’m delighted to say Mrs Tahanci was able to keep it raised for just over 8 seconds….all other amateurs only managed 1 second….back to the gym everyone!

Here are a few photos before I get round to making another video!

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Linking Schools – Gorse Hill visits St Christopher’s RC

As soon as we had arrived back from our Robinwood adventure, we were off to sunny Stockport to visit our linked School – St Christopher’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Romiley, Stockport for our second meeting.

A wonderful welcome with old friends and a chance to make new. We took part in a number of activities and had a great time enjoying their outdoor areas, with football as an all time favourite with the regular players!

We are really looking forward to welcoming them all to our school in June!

Have a look at some of the highlights so far:

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Robinwood Day 3

Our final day and a full day’s worth of activities before we leave.

How is it that what went in the suitcase never seems to fit back on. Also, how come a bedroom is able to ‘Eat’ socks, underwear, tops, trousers etc. And leave no trace? One of the unanswered mysteries of the universe!

However, that did not get in the way of crate challenge, climbing, Knights’ Quest, Caving, Archery, Rocket Olympics and the bracing walk back to the coach – seemed much quicker going down hill.

Better still, the weather has been very kind for a Yorkshire village and we stayed mainly dry until the walk back – apologies for muddy shoes! (Wait ’til dry; scrape off excess mud; place into old pillowcase and put in washing machine on fast wash. Then leave, upside down on radiator, to dry)

Last photos for now – Looking forward to welcoming all parents and relatives for the children’s presentations after the Easter Holiday – watch out for a confirmed date!

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Robinwood Day 2

Amazing second day – Zombie Apocalyse in the caves, trapeze; potentially the most challenging activity at Robinwood; Canoeing on the lake with footballs; Challenge courses to prepare for the life of a knight and a surprise visitor!

All children are now exhausted and tucked in bed…. yet more to do tomorrow.

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Robinwood Day 1


What an exhausting first day starting with the hike up to the castle on the hill and ending with a team challenge….but what a lot in between!

From rocket building to zipwire; climbing to quest;archery to crate challenge; the children have certainly been kept busy on the first day of our adventure.

Bravery and perseverance along with team building and increased confidence has meant all children have had an amazing first day and are now drifting off into a welcomed sleep, ready for an early start and more adventures tomorrow…

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Class 11’s Got Talent!


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Welcome to Café Onze

What an amazing menu is now available, for a very limited time, in the latest hot ‘Pop-Up’ Vegetarian Restaurant at Gorse Hill Primary School, Stretford!

A superb range of options available to suit every taste from the latest, newly trained chefs with an incredible variety of cuisines, from across the globe.

1) Traditional Macaroni Cheese

Genuine Italian inspiration, home cooked cheese sauce and generous sprinkling of freshly grated Parmesan.

2) Oriental Vegetable Stir Fry

The best selection of seasonal vegetables and fresh noodles with a tasty soy and teriyaki sauce.

3) Mushroom Risotto with side salad

Expertly prepared to perfection(al dente) with an incredible depth of flavour and wilted spinach with a refreshing side salad of cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce to cleanse your palate

4) Turkish Layered Spinach and Feta Börek

unbelievably complicated dish with layers of filo pastry, spinach and feta cheese combined with spices, leeks, onions, fresh parsley  and yoghurt to create a complex layered ‘Börek’ packed with flavours of the Mediterranean.

Do Not miss the opportunity to dine at this inspiring restaurant –

I can honestly say, I am beginning to consider a purely Vegetarian Diet….. (or at least once a week!)

Well Done Class 11!

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Blue Peter Badges and moments of fame for Gorse Hill Pupils!

What an exhausting day!

Who would have guessed that so much went into making a 30 minute programme?

After leaving school, we headed over to the studios to get ready for some recording and rehearsing for the live show last night. There was a lot to remember about where to stand, what to do and some children even got to speak on Live TV, with Barney and Lindsey themselves!

Ilayda go to tell her favourite joke:

What is a reptile’s favourite movie?

The LIZARD of Oz!

We also had a new star presenter, for a couple of minutes at least….. Anthony!

He had to learn his lines, a dance and wear a wig, all finished off with a ‘DAB’!

We all received a coveted Blue Peter Badge as a souvenir.

You can watch it on BBC iPlayer or Catch-up TV.

But here are a few, rare glimpses from behind the scenes:




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